STUDY ABROAD Casting Call | 演员招募

Study Abroad 2: The Daydreaming Bunny Casting Call

我们留学生2: 追梦的兔子演员征选



Released in December 2014, the short film STUDY ABROAD has caught the attention of more than 40 major media outlets including NBC News, China Daily, CCTV and Fortune. The topic of the film is about correcting untrue stereotypes of international students, a topic which has received more than 3 million mentions on social media. Today, the STUDY ABROAD team has fully prepared and returned for the sequel!

With a much more professional film crew, the key members of STUDY ABROAD are now trying to bring the audience a brand new visual journey along with a twist of fairy-tale style. If you were waiting for a time to participate in "your own studying abroad story", this is your very chance!




Length: 30 minutes | 片长:三十分钟

Genre: Drama/Cartoon/Animation | 类型:剧情、童话、动画

Official Website: | 官方网站


Story Synopsis:

Romantic and naive art student Xiaotong who's studying in the US, is trying to earn money for her graduation exhibition to prove to her conservative family the quality and talent embedded in her art. She's been selling paintings on the street, drawing illustrations for magazines and doing other part-time jobs in order to collect enough money for the exhibition. With all this hard work, the only wish she has is to let her mother see her endeavors for their artistic quality, and gives her acceptance.




Casting Time | 海选时间 : Saturday 04/18, 1pm-5pm

Call Back Time | 二次面试: Saturday April 25

Shooting Dates | 拍摄时间: May 7-May 12, subject to change.

Shooting Location | 拍摄地点 : New York City Area

Compensation: Based on experience. | 费用:另议


Casting Positions | 征询角色:


Xiaotong - Lead Actress:

[Female, Chinese, Age 20-30, Mandarin as native language, speaks fluent English]

Role Description: Xiaotong is a cute, shy, talented and hardworking art student majoring in Intaglio. She is stubborn and self-demanding, with a dream to exhibit her artworks in a gallery and to gain her mother’s support for her dream.





Qianqian - Lead Actress:

[Female, Chinese, Age 20-30, Mandarin as native language, speaks fluent English]

Role Description: As Xiaotong's good friend in New York, Qianqian is an outgoing and lively art student majoring in Art History who has short red hair. She has sharp eloquence and is very supportive of her friends. 





Xiaotong's Mother - Supporting Role:

[Female, Chinese, Age 45-55, Mandarin as native language]

Role Description: With a career as civil servant, Xiaotong's mom educates Xiaotong with a laissez-faire style. She thinks really practically and believes nothing is more important than earning money. Because of her mindset and unfamiliarity with art, she doesn't support Xiaotong’s dream to succeed in art.





Cafe Owner - Supporting Role:

[Female, Caucasian, Age 45-55]

Role Description: She is a very sweet and considerate Cafe owner who takes care of Xiaotong a lot during her part-time job. At the same time, she also loves art a lot.





Professor - Supporting Role:

[Male, Caucasian, Age 40-50]

Role Description: He is Xiaotong's Intaglio professor as well as a famous Intaglio artist. He values Xiaotong as a talented student and gives her a lot of help.





Other Extra Roles (Unpaid):

Chinese Tourist: Age 45-55, Mandarin as native language

Gallery owner: Age 30-40, American/European

Mexican Robber: Age 20-30, Mexican Male

Police Officer: Age 30-40, American

Art Agent: Age 30-40, Caucasian Female









Please submit your resume with 3+ portfolio photos to with subjectline "The Daydreaming Bunny Casting [Position]: Your Name". Professional acting background with online acting reel is a plus.

Note: If you won't be available for the above shooting dates, we cannot accept your application.





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