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"I Sometimes feel Study Abroad is an invisible wall. It separates those in China and those outside. I see so much misunderstanding and prejudice that makes us deeply hurt. "

 By Cathy Jiang, Producer of Study Abroad

Story Inspiration:


"The story inspiration came from an unfortunate news. On April 11, 2012, two USC Chinese students were shot near their campus on a rainy midnight. The part shocked me the most was the misleading reports by different press. When the two victims were shot to death, they were sitting inside a second hand BMW 3-series car. Although the brand of which had nothing to do with this sad subject, without careful research, multiple media reported this news with “Brand New BMW”, “One Girl and One Boy”, “Dead Midnight in The Car”, “in subject lines, elaborating on the car being a luxury brand name. The truth was quickly twisted. Some people started to comment very negatively online regarding the two victims and mentioned “Those rich second-generation kids deserve this”. Similarly, On July 14, 2013, six Chinese students in Bordeaux, France were attacked and hurt. One of the girls was severely injured on her head. When press reported this news, they misled people with an irrelevant factor that the girl’s father was a former mayor in one of the cities in China. The reports focusing on unnecessary information once again generated negative reactions among the general public.


I sometimes feel Study Abroad is an invisible wall. It separates those who are in China and those outside. I see so much misunderstanding and prejudice on International students that makes us deeply hurt. There are many other stories similar to what I’ve mentioned above. I was terribly disappointed by the press and felt upset by some people’s reactions. I know for long that some people have “Hatred of the rich” mentality however it’s not them to blame. It’s not because they want to betray the truth, it’s rather because they just never had the chance to discover the truth. If I had been misled by press like this, I would probably react similarly to them. 

The idea of telling the true story started to grow in my mind to a point that I could not hold any more to tell people in China. I wish, to reveal several pieces of life abroad, to you and to everyone else in China so that people get a chance to understand us better. This is a huge topic and I never expected to entirely change how people judge International students. However, even if we could raise just a tiny discussion on this topic, that would be enough out of this film. Because I know even the tiniest discussion will generate reflection, reflection will lead to improvement, and improvement will one day let people have a correct and comprehensive understanding of International students."

By Cathy Jiang

Producer of Study Abroad

In the memory of the victims of 4•11 USC Gun-Shooting

Those we hold dear have reached a better place
Leaving us nothing but the hope to reveal the truth
Let the truth speak with no unnecessary ornamentations
This is the only way we could offer to mourn
Wish the deceased rest in peace
And those who alive shall be strong