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Sequel Name: The Daydreaming Bunny

Director/Writer: Yung-Jen Yang

Executive Producer: Qubit Ocean Fund & Dennis Wu

Producer: Cathy Jiang

Starring: Yi Liu, Claire Hsu

Genre: Drama /30mins/Color/New York 

Story Synopsis:

Romantic and naive art student Xiaotong who's studying in the US, is trying to earn money for her graduation exhibition to prove to her conservative family the quality and talent embedded in her art. She's been selling paintings on the street, drawing illustrations for magazines and doing other part-time jobs in order to collect enough money for the exhibition. With all this hard work, the only wish she has is to let her mother see her endeavors for their artistic quality, and gives her acceptance.

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Official Selection


Time: Friday Feb 19, 2016  7pm-9pm

Location: Cinema Village, 22 E 12th St

Ticket: $10, click here for tickets

Awards Ceremony & After Party

Time: Friday Feb 26, 2016 8pm-11pm

Location: Empire Room, 230 Fifth

Ticket: Free, RSVP


Time: March 10-20, 2016 (TBD)

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

More info: CAAMFest 2016

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Yi Liu (Xiaotong):

Yi Liu, plays the leading role Xiaotong in Study Abroad Sequel. As an international actress, she is well trained especially with Meisner and Improve, and continues to train herself with different acting techniques in different studios. She is passionate about acting since she was ten. She has worked in Commercial, Film, Theater, Documentary, and Experimental performance.

For more information, please check her website:

Claire Hsu (Qianqian):

Claire Hsu, acts as Qianqian in Study Abroad Sequel. She is a NYC based actress, singer and international treasure, and has done performances in French, Mandarin Chinese and English. Besides showing off her language skills, she's also actively involved in screen acting. Even though her characters range from the innocent girl next door to the psychopathic bitchy doctor, her real-life personality is absolutely no different than her character in this film.

For more information, please check her website:



Yung-Jen Yang (Writer/Director):

As the co-founder of Study Abroad platform, Writer and Director of first episode, Yung-Jen Yang has once again took the lead as Director/Writer for this sequel. During script research period, he took a lot of time interviewing many art students, and then consolidated their stories into this new film. After graduation from MFA, Yung-Jen has established himself as a professional filmmaker. His film has been awarded in Cityvisions, Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, LA Thriller Film Festival, Winter Film Awards and New Filmmakers NY. 

Personal Website:

Cathy Jiang (Producer):

Graduated from Fordham MBA, Cathy Jiang is the initiator of Study Abroad platform. During the first episode, Cathy has produced and distributed the film to become an internationally well-known news topic, which was reported by more than 50 major media and caught 300 million views online. After release in Feb 2015, Cathy has transformed this short film into an online platform for all international students to participate and raise their own voices. In this Sequel, Cathy worked again as the producer to oversee budgeting, line production and distribution.

Gordon Yu (Director of Photography):

Gordon Yu , worked as Study Abroad Sequel Director of Photography. Raised in NYC, he was admitted to film school in 2005 and attained a Bachelor of Art in Film Production, focusing in Cinematography in late 2008. He started his career as lighting technician and camera operator. His work "Here, Too" was nominated Best Cinematography at The Chinese Film Festival. In 2012, his short film 'Home', in which Gordon also worked as DP, won both Best Fiction at the CUNY Asian American Film Festival and The Ledo Matteroli Award for Best Immigrant Story at the 45th Humboldt Film Festival. Personal Website:

Bianca Yeh (Assistant Director):

Bianca Yeh , Assistant Director of Study Abroad Sequel, started her filmmaking career since 2007. She is a professional filmmaker who has rich experience working as Director, AD, Producer and camera operator in TV commercials, video imaging, Music/Fashion Videos, etc. Bianca has done many work from pre-production to post-production in Taiwan, San Francisco and New York. 

Please check her company BCS Media Studio website for more info:



Claire Chia-Chien Hsu


Yi Liu


Diodato Grisi


Anna Yang Xu



Executive Producer

Cubit Ocean Fund, Inc

Dennis Wu

Associate Producer

Shaotong Chang

Hao Wang

First Assistant Director

Bianca Linghui Yeh

Director of Photography

Gordon Yu



Hai Wang


Haitao Wu

Art Director

Sun Kim

Make-Up Artist

Yuqing Zhang

Junnie Lu

Cami Chen

Make-Up Assistant

Karrie Guo


Yung-Jen Yang

Sarah Kim

Sound Mixer

Glenn Ianaro

Poster Design

Danyang Pang


Cathy Jiang


Assistant Producer

Wen Zhu


Script Supervisor

Ya Wang

Second Assistant Camera

Renfang Ke

Wigner Duarte


Muqing Li

Barbara Barton

Jesse Deganis

Yessica Curiel Montoya

Art Creative Supervisor

Lucy Xi Lyu

Still Photographer

Wilson Huang

Ryan Zhou

Benny Wu


Taylor Viera

Color Corrector

Chin Chia Chan


Dong Liu

Behind The Scene Director

Wu Chen


Yung-Jen Yang


Line Producer

Jinghuang Liu


Second Assistant Director

Kai Zhao

First Assistant Camera

Dan Lipski

Motomu Ishigaki

Best Boy

Antonio Santa-Maria

Sound Recorder

Sung-Ting Yang

Art Assistant

Yilian Ma


Cathy Jiang

Wardbore Assistant

Rene Wang


Wei Fang


Pei-Jung Wang

Sound Mixing Assistant

Janet Na

Chief Designer

Wilson Huang



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Peter Murphy

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Gallery Owner

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Sagar Vashodia

project special supervisor

David Hou

Distribution and marketing

Ya Wang, Jinghuang Liu, Kelly Tang, Garongyouzhen, Fanni Liu

special thanks

Taibing Pan

Ged Merino

Liz Dean

Amy Luo

Qiaoyi Shi

Mego Sajenni

Eddie Chau

Zheng Wang

Quanda Wan

Peiyang Lan

Kai Yang

Nikolaus Fernandez

Allison Jie Zhao


Everyone else who helped and supported this film.